Episode 4: The Devil’s Threesome

We have been away, but like the prodigal son we have returned!  We do our best to make it up to everyone by giving you our longest episode yet.  This week we discuss the rise of Calgary, the finer points of protecting yourself from mumps, and play everyone’s favorite game of who would win in a wrestling match.

I also wanted to alert everyone that our RSS feed is now active.  If you have a podcast management application, you can copy this link https://foiledup.wordpress.com/category/podcast/ into said application.  Most applications will list this as an RSS URL.  Once you copy this, whenever we add a podcast to the website it will update automatically to your account.  Thanks everyone for the positive feedback, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Kerm’s Kwik Takes

So there are times in every hockey player’s life where the puck gets poke checked away from you.  Some guys react by hacking away at the guy that outsmarted/outplayed him.  Last night, during the recording of Tuggin’ Strings, coach got me pretty good with a poke check.  I was caught off my game with his question about the top lines in the NHL right now.  So instead of hacking away, I did what a good hockey player should do.  I hustled back to try and salvage whatever I could of said play, and did some homework to learn from my mistakes.  Across my studies I found this wonderful site called dobbersports.  This website is phenomenal.  You can look at any player individually and see which line combinations have yielded the most points that include said player.  Looking at the top line combinations in the league, Coach and I didn’t do too bad as we mentioned the top three most productive lines from a points standpoint.  A couple of items of note, I mentioned that I thought Vancouver could be a sleeper, I did not however think after 8 games into the season they would have the number 4 and 5 most productive lines from a points standpoint.  We also sang the praises of Ryan Johansen, but who knew that he, Nick Foligno and Scott Hartnell would be the 7th most productive line in the league ahead of the likes of the top lines in Anaheim, San Jose, and Chicago.  It is also noteworthy to remember that Corey Perry and Ryan Getlaf have scored with like 5 different players on their wing, so that may skew the data.

Speaking of Nick Foligno, foiled up hope he gets well soon after this injury he sustained on Sunday’s evening game.  Reports are that he did not need to be hospitalized and is recovering.

You can view Joe Thornton’s quote that we referred to on the podcast here.  My paraphrase work was close, but it is even better when you read exactly what he said.

Reports are that Olli Maata could have a form of thyroid cancer.  Good news that this should be something operable, and in true hockey player fashion, Roly Poly Olli is going to play the next three games until his surgery.

As promised, check out the Travis Hamonic story.  Man what an excellent story and an even better human being.  I will have a whole different perspective when watching the Pens play against the Islanders.

If you feel so inclined, before our next podcast recording sometime next weekend, let us know who you think will be the most productive line for the month of November.  Tune in and we will let you know if it will be more of the same, or if another set of forwards will rise to the top of point production paradise.



Coach’s Corner: Week 2

Hey guys!  Coach here again with yet another question for our loyal fan base.  Yes, that’s right.  We want to know what all 3 of you think about this question:

Which NHL team so far this year has been the biggest surprise and why?  We’re looking for your biggest positive surprise and biggest negative surprise and we’ll share any feedback we get in our upcoming podcast.


P.S.- We wanted to address the shootings that happened in Ottawa 2 days ago.  As we struggle to comprehend who could carry out these senseless acts of violence, it’s times like these that everyone needs to draw upon the support of their loved ones.  We, and everyone in the hockey family, send our prayers and condolences to the families and friends  of those affected by this needless tragedy.

Coach’s Corner: Week 1

Hey Guys!  Coach here.  Make sure you listen to our inaugural podcast and give us some feedback.  What did we do great, what could we improve upon, who has the sexiest radio voice?  We need your help!  Also, every week, we’re going to try to ask a question and get you guys to answer it.  We’ll bring up the best ones in our subsequent podcasts.  The question for this week is…..

If you could pick one song that could perfectly sum up a player’s career, what song would it be and which player would it pertain to?


Inaugural Podcast

Hey Guys and Gals, come on over and check out our very first podcast.  We start off the episode with our takes from the hockey games of the week that was.  Listen as we rub our crystal balls to tell you which teams will win each division.  Lastly we go through some poke checks and delve deep into the psyche of a sibling rivalry.  Please leave us your feedback and comments and we always appreciate and suggestions for poke checks sent to our email address at foiledupdnk@gmail.com


Hello everyone and thank you for swinging by Foiled Up!  Hopefully not your one stop shop for Hockey News.  We are two guys who found a way to trick our wives into letting us talk hockey for 30 minutes each week.  Join us each week for a new and fresh take on the goings on in the NHL.  Please be on the lookout sometime this weekend for the first episode of our podcast!